Training your dog.

As a dog trainer I have met all types of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, lazy dogs, crazy dogs and dogs full of energy.  When you sign your dog up in one of our classes from our group class to our more specialized classes, we stress to the owner that its just as important for you to learn as well as your dog. If you have the desire to help your dog by sending it to us to train, then you NEED to be involved with its training. We always advise the owner to come and work with their dog while it’s here so that they know what to do when it comes home, and they know how to keep their dog doing what they pay us to train it to do. If you as a owner have no desire to be a part of how your dog is trained or how things will be after they come home then why pay a trainer to train them? If your expecting a mechanical dog after 3 weeks of training and no participation on your part then your best bet is to go to Wal Mart, go to the toy section and buy a mechanical dog take it home and set in the crate or on a bed. If your wanting a dog you have to do nothing with then our only program that will work for you is our 12 week in kennel program. We have had more clients then not that want to see their dog succeed. Which is why they send them here first. But now and then a owner don’t research the breed they are getting. They get it because ” its so cute”, ” I just loved the look” or ” I just couldn’t help but fall in love with it”, and my all time favorite ” My friend has one and its so well behaved”. All good reasons to get a dog, HOWEVER if you don’t know the breed research it. For example if you get a herding breed expect it to want to chase cars, kids, cats, etc. Example Australian Shepard  ( of any size ), German Shepard ( yes originally was a herding breed). A hunting breed such as a Labrador, golden retriever, Standard poodle, expect them to want to chase birds, cats, squirrels etc. So do your research we can help curb the issue, BUT we nor any other trainer can take out genetics. That would be like taking a person who is small and trying to make them taller, genetics in anything or anybody CAN NOT be changed. So before you buy, rescue, save or take in that cute little dog that just needs love and spoiled, stop and think about what your getting ready to do and how you as a owner are going to help this dog succeed at being the best it can be for you and your family.

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