Real Service dogs Vs Fake Service Dog

As we all have seen that little dog riding in the cart at Walmart or being carried at the mall we look and wonder. I myself right along with others stop and wonder just what kind of service that dog provides? As it growls and does other behaviors that is unbecoming of a well trained and certified service dog. We all hear on the news or see on social media that it has/ is becoming a problem in our society. People want to take their pets with them where ever they go. I can understand I have one or two myself but I don’t just order online a vest and a piece of paper ( or plastic ) that says they are certified as a service dog.

Those of us who train these dogs work hard and long to make these dogs what they are and to do what they do. We start with your basic obedience ( place, sit, down, stay, come, and heel). then move on to the advance stuff ( longer down, sit, stay, off leash heel etc). then there are the countless hours of socializing with outings to different places with different distractions, settings, etc. It can be frustrating to see those folks with ” fake service dogs” with their dog acting up and giving the impression that just because you put a vest on a dog and say it is doesn’t mean that it is. Its making harder for people with disabilities to go on with their daily lives and live as normally as you or myself with out their service dog cause a store was forced to ask everybody the two questions they can ask. When in all reality its very easy to see the difference in the two. However I do see change coming that will make things better for the REAL service dog to go on with their task and handler and much more difficult for the FAKE service dog.

I’ve often been asked to do a dog for service work and when I asked them what their disability is or what service they need the dog to perform I’m told well I just need it with me for emotional support, or just like to take my dog to the store. I do however ” weed out the ones that are just wanting to take their little dog with them wherever they go by asking for a letter from their doctor stating they would benefit from a service animal and what it would do for them. I don’t ask what their disability is cause most times it is obvious. The second reason I ask for that is so it’s on file should the dog ever come into question about it’s training such as happened recently to a past client.

So if your wanting a service dog get one that’s professionally trained not just a $150.00 vest and a fake registry that means nothing more then your dog is in a data base somewhere. We are here to help with your need of one and even if our prices are lower then you will expect we train them like it’s for a family member a friend or even for ourselves. Cause here at Frog Valley K-9’S our clients become friends. We look forward to serving you.
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Owner / Master Trainer

Rob Smith


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