Aggression issues.

As a master trainer I’ve had a lot of the dogs that come to us that have been rescues. 65% to 70% have had some kind of aggression issue. Most of them have been told they have dominance aggression. When I do my evaluation of the dog it turns out to be either fear or resource guarder. Yes I said resource guarder so let me explain. When a dog is a resource guarder most think of over toys, food or water bowl, yard etc. When you stop and think about a rescue dog most often that dog now looks at the new owner as a resource. Cause all good things come from that person. About 7 months ago I worked with a German Shepard that was not only fear aggressive but also a resource guarder. When he was with his owner ( a 14 year old boy who fed, watered, played ) all good things for this dog. While I was working with this dog I would have to wear a bite suit to walk him myself but it worked and then after about 4 weeks of doing this they would take him out in public. After a few more weeks the public was able to pet him and give him treats. The dog is now with his mother has a fresh start and is doing amazing with everything going on around him. My point behind all this is that just cause a dog bites at someone doesn’t mean the dog is dominance aggressive and treating a dog for dominance  when its really fear or resource or any other aggression can really mess up a dog making it worse. That’s where people as myself comes in. We are trained to recognize the different types of aggression and how to treat them. Not cutting down anybody that has ever worked with a dog or has said they think their dog is ( fill in the blank ) aggression but without proper training and schooling it can be really tough to figure it out ( yes even I am guilty of it ). So before you think you have a dominance, fear, resource, dog, or any other kind of  aggressive dog have a professional such as myself or anybody else who has had  many hours of training and much experience in it help figure it out and treat it so that you can have the loving pet dog you can have. As our motto says ” we believe every dog deserves a second chance “.

Owner / Master trainer


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